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Infrastructure Of Vraj CNC Machine Tools

Electricity Power: Installed 3 Phase power capacity of 25 KW.

Electrical Equipments: Panel test set up for pre-checking of CNC machine, 20amp 3 phase dimmer, energy meter set up, ferrule Printing machine, measuring instruments like clamp on meter, multimeter, meggar etc.

Machines and Equipments : Bench Grinder, Bench drilling m/c up to 35 MM capacity, Bosch Cutter, cut-off m/c, Hand drills, Bench vice, Welding machine, jigsaw M/c, Magnet drill M/c, Air compressor, manual tapping m/c, cnc turning M/c All required tools and tackles etc.

Measuring Instruments and Gauging Devices : Renishaw XL 80 Laser Calibration System, Renishaw QC 10 Ballbar System,(Make Mitutoyo )Vernier height gauge digital, micro meter, digital micro meter,vernier calliper, bore gauge, Magnet stand, Plunger Dial, Lever Dial (Make Micro flat ) Granite surface table, Cast Iron Surface plate, cast Iron I-section Straight Edge, Cast iron Triangle Straight Edge, Granite Master Square 6 face, Granite Bench Centre, Spirit Level, parallel test Mandresls, Master Sleeve Gauge, Spindle tapper gauge MT-5, V blocks All required tools and tackles etc.

Material Handling Equipments: EOT crane with 12.5 tones capacity with crane hook height of approximately 7 meters, Loading Belt ,D cycle, eye bolt, Hyd. Pallet lifter – 1.5 Tonnes, ledder,

Machine Handling Equipment: Assembly Table, Hard ware Trolley, Machine Assembly Fixture, Mechanical Jack.

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