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  • Operator-panel CNC with dedicated system software variantsfor turning, milling and grinding technologies

  • G-Tech is a grinding package with an extensive scope of CNCfunctions ranging from the low-cost entry-level model up tohighly productive machines
  • Operator panel variants for horizontal and vertical operatorpanel housings
  • Integrated QWERTY full CNC keyboard with short-stroke keys
  • CompactFlash card, USB and Ethernet interfaces on theoperator panel front
  • Additional Ethernet interface on rear of CNC for connection tofactory network
  • Integrated PLC based on the SIMATIC S7-200 command setwith ladder logic programming
  • I/O interface based on PROFINET for the connection of PLCI/O devices and a machine control panel
  • Connection of a GSM/GPRS modem: Easy Message (option)
  • Integrated PLC editor in SINUMERIK Operate makes itpossible to edit the PLC program quickly without any additional PC tools
  • CNC options subject to license
  • Up to 6 axes/spindles
  • Up to 8 axes/spindles with PPU 280.3/PPU 281.3 andSINAMICS NX10.3
  • Up to 10 axes/spindles with PPU 280.3/PPU 281.3 andSINAMICS NX15.3 for Turning advanced and G-Tech advanced
  • 1 analog spindle
  • 1 machining channel, 2 machining channels with PPU 280.3/PPU 281.3 forTurning advanced (basic scope) and G-Tech advanced
  • 1 mode group,2 mode groups with PPU 280.3/PPU 281.3 forTurning advanced
  • EES function – unlimited expansion of CNC memory
  • Integrated tool management with tool life monitoring
  • Graphical machining step programming ShopTurn/ShopMill(option)
  • Top Surface
  • User interface SINUMERIK Operate – same look and feel asSINUMERIK 840D sl

  • Configurable user screens withSINUMERIK Integrate for engineering Run MyScreens


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