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Model: STM - 1800 - 16 Model: STM - 1800 - 24
Capacity In Mild Steel ( MM )
M03 To M16
M5 To M24
Chuck Size
31 MM
48 MM
Working Range ( MM )
1800 MM
1800 MM
Speed ( RPM )
0 To 200
0 To 200
Power Supply
1 Phase 50Hz AC
1 Phase 50Hz AC
Electric Motor
0.75 KW
1.5 KW
Weight ( KG )

The machine itself consists of a radial arm joint to a tilting arm balanced by means of a gas spring. The servo motor mounted on head member at the end of tilting arm should be perpendicular i.e. right angle with respect to working area. The tapping machine works in three modes viz Auto chip removal mode, Auto standard mode and Jog mode. As tapping machine is fully automatic one have to enter pitch, depth and RPM with direction via HMI as per requirement. The "high frequency" is regulated by means of HMI located near radial arm. The speed can be thus adapted to every thread type. The turning motor can be rotated in both directions by means of push buttons located on “radial arm” in manual mode. The optional automatic/manual lubrication control feature is available as per requirement. The tap holders are fixed to the motor by means of a quick change and tap fixes directly to the tap holders.

Product Specification:

  • Double balanced Easy arm made entirely of aluminium, which guarantees fast and
  • precise holes alignment.
  • Electric servo motor with Brushless technology
  • Variation of the speed of rotation is according to diameter of tapping and counter
  • clockwise maximum speed for fast tool output.
  • Push control handles for easy tool alignment and to speed up the execution of the work.
  • Minimum noise and low electricity consumption.
  • Rotational head which allows threading in any position.
  • Balance and fluidity of movement guaranteed by gas springs and adjustable
  • joints mounted on mechanical pin.
  • Possibility of tapping blind and open holes through the adjustable clutch.
  • HMI for speed regulation & push buttons for forward and reverse rotation.
  • An articulated head member can be set in 4 different positions (0 ± 90º) y and work in
  • both directions.
  • Quick Change chuck with collate.
  • The easy manual arm of the servo tapping machine allows you to work comfortably
  • within a ray of 1800 mm.

Standard Accessories :

  • Electric Tapping Spindle
  • Safety Clutch Tapping Adapters

Optional Accessories :

  • Adapters Stand
  • Work Table

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